our services

QueenBee's dynamic team is made up of creative masterminds, leaders and achievers. We're lucky enough to be able to do what we love, day in and day out, while offering a broad line of services and tailoring each service to our client's needs to achieve their goals. 


Social media management and consulting

QueenBee provides a custom social presence tailored to your business and its needs! Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to maintain and develop your presence, we have the know-how to take care of you. We run a network of social media pages across the state of Kansas and the Midwest. There isn’t an industry we haven’t touched, and it’ll be our goal to help you maximize on your social pages and clientele.



Your company spends a lot of time and money putting on events and managing the day-to-day aspects of business, so you may not have time to capture those moments through picture and video. Not only can QueenBee swoop in and help, we have expert photographers and videographers with high-tech equipment to get the job done right. This team works closely with our social media and website team to help you capitalize on everything that is being done in your offices, around the community and online.


Graphic Design and Branding

We believe that a useful brand goes well beyond the logo. The impact of a quality brand identity lies in form, flexibility and function. Our goal is to communicate the values of an organization through the simplest possible visuals that bring ideas down to their essence.


Motion Graphics and animation

We pride ourselves in crafting visuals that will grab a viewer’s attention and create memorable experiences through motion for your brand. Whether you’re trying to explain a complex subject or just want something to make you smile  and stand out from the crowd, our motion graphic capabilities can bring your brand and ideas to life!


Digital Advertising

QueenBee understands the amount of time and money you have put in to your business and digital presence. The goal with digital ads is to target your ideal customers with customized ads and ultimately get them back to your online home-front that you have worked so hard on.


Website Design & SEO

Your business is unique; your website should be too! We can design a web space that serves you and your customers’ needs, while implementing the best SEO strategy for your industry.


Traditional Ad placement

If it is traditional advertising you are looking for; such as TV, Radio, Billboards, print and/or newspaper advertising, but don’t have the time to deal with additional vendors, QueenBee Marketing can place your ads.