Samantha Mumford
Executive Director

Our co-founder and Managing Director, Samantha has literally never found anything that can stop her. She supports the love of her life as he finishes school in Auburn, AL but manages her employees using the very media she gets paid to use every day. She literally practices what she preaches and lives what she works. When she isn’t working (which some believe is never) she is workin’ on that fitness or playing with her 2 precious pups. Her graceful tenacity makes her uniquely fit for this ever evolving industry. Supposing that her employees can keep up with her, Sam has no ceiling when it comes to future of her young company.

  • Bachelor’s Degree from Wichita State in Integrated Marketing and Communications.
  • 4 years of running and working with social media marketing.
  • 3 years of Management experience.
Jessica Flax
Director of Business Development

Our tireless director of business development has been said to eat social media for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Selling social media services comes naturally to somebody that lives and breathes the stuff. She mastered her craft while still finding time to play college volleyball. Nowadays she manages to grow a business and a family with 2 lovely girls, 2 hairy labs, and 1 strapping husband. Her passion for social media and motherly tact makes her very hard to say no to, which would explain our rapid growth. If she gets her way then none of us will ever get any sleep and none of us will complain.

  • BA in Business Management from Fort Hays State University
  • 10 years worth of sales experience
  • 3 years running and working with social media marketing for businesses
  • Certificate in Project Management
  • Certificate in Leadership Management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs and a wizard at writing emails
Alex Iseman
Art Director

Equal parts thoughtfulness and energy with a penchant for the outdoors. When Alex is not designing, he is almost certainly golfing in one of his dope bucket hats. He is a borderline fanatic for Wichita State and Kansas Basketball and has been known to get a bit eccentric about the Kansas City Chiefs. His vacation of choice are skiing and hiking, but also enjoys the occasional lake trip. Alex has his background in photography but his passion is in brand development. Alex’s designs seek to engage, educate, and elaborate on the principles and messaging of brands, organizations, causes and events. No matter if your design needs are big or small Alex has the tools to get the job done.

  • BA in Graphic Design from Wichita State University
  • 8 years of photography experience in portraits, sports teams, action shots, landscape and commercial photography.
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Experienced in branding, layout and advertising design.
Carissa Jackson
Managing Director

The mind of a scientist in addition to a wandering spirit equals our Director of Social Presence. Carissa regularly handles problems that are much larger than she, and has 175 lbs of dog at home to prove it. Her vacations of choice are as varied as her set of skills. She has also been in more weddings than most people will attend in a lifetime. When she isn’t playing with her precious pups or traveling the world she is a social networking machine. It has been rumored that there isn’t a person alive that she can’t get along with. Making her the perfect personality for your organization. No matter the tone or tenacity, Carissa has the charm to meet your needs.

  • BS in Biology - Shorter University
  • Master’s in Public Health - Liberty University
  • 7 years of customer service/relations experience both in corporate setting and non-profit sectors.
  • Social Marketing certified.
Dallas Pruitt
Creative Director

Dallas is a rare individual with a love for his family life and a desire to dream big and see where it takes him. After spending 7 years at an ad agency in Wichita, KS., Dallas has relocated to bring his talents, energy and experience to the QueenBee team. It’s not uncommon to find him doodling on several pieces of paper or in a notebook, but don’t be deceived…it’s the start of a new idea. With a background in traditional Graphic Design, he also has a MA in Motion Media Design to take his creative abilities to the next level. Regardless of the project, Dallas strives to craft a story that is both fitting and engaging.

  • BFA in Graphic Design - Tabor College
  • MA in Motion Media Design - Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)
  • 7.5 years of professional experience
  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, InDesign, camera operations