Meet The team

It may seem like we're having too much fun and that's because we probably are! Our dynamic team is made up of creative masterminds, leaders and achievers. We're lucky enough to be able to do what we love, day in and day out.

Gavin Tate
Business Development Director

As our Director of Business Development, Gavin has made it his mission to offer our clients the highest quality marketing with a very real return on investment. When he isn’t spending time with current or potential clients, he is spending time with his wonderful wife and 2 precocious children. It is his passion for bringing effective marketing to his community that has made him a valuable member of the hive.

Education & Experience
  • BA in Integrated Marketing Communications, Minor in Psychology – Wichita State University.
  • 10+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertising
  • Marketing experience in many different service industries.
Alex Iseman
Art Director

Equal parts thoughtfulness and energy with a penchant for the outdoors. When Alex is not designing, he is almost certainly golfing in one of his dope bucket hats. He is a borderline fanatic for Wichita State and Kansas Basketball and has been known to get a bit eccentric about the Kansas City Chiefs. His vacations of choice are skiing and hiking, but also enjoys the occasional lake trip. Alex has his background in photography but his passion is in brand development. Alex’s designs seek to engage, educate, and elaborate on the principles and messaging of brands, organizations, causes and events. No matter if your design needs are big or small Alex has the tools to get the job done.

Education & Experience
  • BA in Graphic Design from Wichita State University
  • 8+ years of photography experience in portraits, sports teams, action shots, landscape and commercial photography.
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Experienced in branding, layout and advertising design.
Dallas Pruitt
Creative Director

Dallas is a rare individual with a love for his family life and a desire to dream big and see where it takes him. After spending 7 years at an ad agency in Wichita, KS., Dallas has relocated to bring his talents, energy and experience to the QueenBee team. It’s not uncommon to find him doodling on several pieces of paper or in a notebook, but don’t be deceived…it’s the start of a new idea. With a background in traditional Graphic Design, he also has a MA in Motion Media Design to take his creative abilities to the next level. Regardless of the project, Dallas strives to craft a story that is both fitting and engaging.

Education & Experience
  • BFA in Graphic Design - Tabor College
  • 8+ years of professional experience
  • Internationally Published Award Winner
  • MA in Motion Media Design - Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)
  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, InDesign, camera operations
Carissa Iseman
Account Representative

With a love for city involvement, community investment, and social justice, Carissa’s passions are as different as they are deep. As a passionate storyteller, she’ll do whatever it takes to make your brand and story come to life. When she isn’t playing with her precious pups or traveling the world, she is a social networking machine. No matter the tone or tenacity, Carissa has the charm to meet your needs.

Education & Experience
  • BS in Biology - Shorter University
  • Master’s in Public Health - Liberty University
  • 9+ years of customer service/relations experience both in corporate setting and non-profit sectors.
  • Social Marketing certified.
Samantha Mumford
Executive Director

Our co-founder and Executive Director, Samantha has literally never found anything that can stop her. She supports the love of her life as he finishes school in Auburn, AL but manages her employees using the very media she gets paid to use every day. She literally practices what she preaches and lives what she works. When she isn’t working (which some believe is never) she is workin’ on that fitness or playing with her 2 precious pups. Her graceful tenacity makes her uniquely fit for this ever evolving industry. Supposing that her employees can keep up with her, Sam has no ceiling when it comes to future of her young company.

Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Wichita State in Integrated Marketing and Communications.
  • 5+ years of running and working with social media marketing.
  • 4+ years of Management experience.
Angie Bergmeier
President / C.F.O.

Our Queen Bee, Angie has been making mountains out of mole hills for almost 30 years. She claimed it was time for her to buy a Cadillac and lower her handicap, but instead she started a marketing company. Word on the street is that she is too successful to retire. Despite being a business owner she has raised 6 wonderful children and her husband Mike. Seemingly in all places at once, Angie might be impossible to overwhelm. She leads by example and his passionate about her worker bees. Angie has big plans for the future of her Beehive and her hometown of Hutchinson, KS.
Dalin Hinds
Account Representative

Dalin [dæ-lin: the "a" is the same sound as in "agile" or "strategy"] is a hard worker and has a unique mind comprised of equal parts social and analytical, making him a perfect fit for our team. He is well versed in some very interesting topics such as psychology, computer science information systems, and theatre performance just to name a few. He enjoys applying that knowledge to his daily responsibilities whenever possible! When he isn’t analyzing, networking, or helping our clients succeed, he is studying new ways to build a more cohesive experience between people and technology. In his free time, Dalin loves cruising and spending time with his wife, friends, and family.
Gabby Godwin
Project Manager

Gabby has lived just about everywhere warm in the United States. She loves football, her boyfriend and her precious MaltiPoo named Ellie Mae. She even likes to eat healthy for some reason. More than anything though, she loves putting a face to our name by working directly with our clients. She studied Marketing and Management at Appalachian State University, and is pursuing her Masters in Sport Management at WVU. Gabby can always be counted on to keep projects on track and on point for her clients.
Loribeth Reynolds
Account Representative

Loribeth is a proud Hutchinson native, and is thrilled to give back to her community with her strong background in Journalism and Photography. LB (as we affectionately call her) has history as the Editor-in-Chief for The Hutchinson Collegian, and earned the Journalist of the Year award for two-year colleges in 2017, from Kansas Collegiate Media. LB loves music, art, photography, and her family. She’s eager to take on challenges and loves helping people. Don’t be alarmed if you step into the office and find her grooving along with her headphones on; she’s only concentrating on fulfilling her client requests.
Lucas Knauss
Illustration & Graphic Design

Lucas Knauss [kah-now-sss] only submitted the lyrics to "Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire" for a biography. That's about all you need to know to get a sense of what sort of guy he is. He did change the part where it says "Bel-Aire" to "QUEENBEE MARKETING," but that's it. Despite this, Lucas is quite serious about his actual craft.
Macki Pankratz
Account Representative

Macki can best be summarized by her caring and outgoing personality. She probably has more pairs of glasses than most people have socks and she loves spending time with her fiancé and their precious dog, Moo. Macki has degrees in Marketing and Communications, which she combines with energy and passion to make sure her client’s brands are always lively and effective. She injects energy, fun and strategy into the brands she works with, and that makes her such a valuable asset to our team.
Megan Ryan
Photography & Social Media Design

If easy-going were a person, that person would be Megan Ryan (not to be confused with Meg Ryan the famous actress). She is dedicated to being the best photographer, graphic designer, and friend she can be. When she isn’t bouncing between school and career, Megan spends her time with family and friends. If you’re looking for Megan, you may find her at a concert singing along to her favorite songs or relaxing at the nearest coffee shop. Her ability to be both serious and carefree allows her to be a phenomenal friend and gives her enough inner peace to be a very patient and understanding designer.
Rylie McDowell
Account Representative

Rylie brings with her a strong background in managing and promoting country music festivals. That experience makes her comfortable running large-scale promotions and campaigns while maintaining an intimate, "hometown local" tone. She lives for the Fall, but isn't a huge fan of pumpkin. Rylie's an expert at staying on top of her clients' brands, and does it all with a drama-free, laid-back attitude.
Theodore McFarland
Web & Graphic Design

After nearly a decade of freelancing, Ted brings a passion for all things Design, Tech, Collaboration, and Coffee. His superpowers are generating conversation starters, learning new things, and teaching them to others. He lives in Wichita and is obsessed with his wife, Katrina. If you ask very nicely, he may even make you a pour-over at the coffee bar he's set up on our top floor.
Ashley Weve
Account Representative & Office Manager

Ashley Weve [wee-vee] is our newest addition to the hive, and she already has us all abuzz!
Her bio is coming soon!
Ste'fon Walker
Videography & Graphic Design

Stef is a multi-talented and charismatic team player with a passion for capturing the perfect shot. His love for camera work struck first while developing marketing materials during his time in school for Graphic Design. When Stef isn't at the Hive, you can count on his being outdoors (though you'd be hard-pressed to find him), fishing or hunting. When he's not satisfying his itch for the solitude of the outdoors, Stef gets wild about both the Dallas Cowboys and The Los Angeles Lakers.