graphic design and branding

We believe that a useful brand goes well beyond the logo. The impact of a quality brand identity lies in form, flexibility and function. Our goal is to communicate the values of an organization through the simplest possible visuals that bring ideas down to their essence. A brand is only as good as it’s applications which is why we pack the maximum amount of potential into our logos with a foundation of typography, color, shape, patterns, textures and photography. If you are looking for quality design that connects your audience with your organization through the power of branding, then look no further than Queen Bee Marketing.

Great design works across every platform; whether that be social media, website, business cards, brochures, billboards, mailers, etc. Our team of designers can create what you are envisioning and make it fit within your brand standards. We work with young brands, old brands, small brands and no brands. No matter what your needs or budget may be, our team will find a way to meet you where you're at to accomplish your vision.


What Makes A Quality Logo?

  • An economically rendered logo doesn't waste a pixel, and that kind of precision starts with fully thought out ideas.
  • A powerful mark works on multiple levels by giving viewers something obvious to appreciate as well as hiding additional quality for those more critical eyes.
  • There is no way of knowing all of the future applications of a logo, so our logos are packed with as much potential as possible to make sure your brand never falls out of fashion.

What comes after a logo?

  • A logo being your identity is like a pair of shoes being your personal identity so it has to look amazing no matter what you pair it with.
  • The value of a logo lies in the applications — Business cards, websites, signage, apparel, and on and on .... A great logo can be applied to any situation without compromising quality.
  • A logo goes beyond a symbol on paper. In order for a logo to endure it must be able to faithfully represent the qualities of it's brand.

what makes a logo live?

  • A good brand package comes with a solid foundation of type, color, shape, photography, patterns and texture
  • No amount of design can replace quality brand ambassadors. Real people with real stories are what makes brands truly powerful.
  • Implementation of a brand is every bit as important as how it looks. The best design in the world will still fall short if applied inconsistently. We give you the tools to transition your brand into something that takes on a life of it's own.