Digital Advertising

QueenBee understands the amount of time and money you have put in to your business and digital presence. The goal with digital ads is to target your ideal customers with customized ads and ultimately get them back to your online home-front that you have worked so hard on. There are customers online right now searching for what you offer, and the goal of a digital campaign is to reach these people and stay in front of them during their decision-making process. Our local agency will put together a highly targeted campaign, based on your budget, and continually optimize it to perform better; while presenting your analytics to you every step of the way. We will do this using a combination of search engine and network ads.


Search Engine Ads

Search engine ads are placed at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines, as well as Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Maps and the Maps App. These help your business capture the audience looking for your products and services that may be later in that decision-making process.


Network Ads

Network Ads follow your ideal customer and customers who are searching for your products and services across millions of websites during their decision-making process. The goal is to build enough frequency in front of these customers so that they will remember your business when they are ready to move forward or remind them of their previous inquiry and to move forward at the moment of seeing your ad.


Website Specific Advertising

QueenBee can place your video and/or banner ads on specific websites that make sense for your target customer. We have partnered with many local and national online organizations to get you the best bang for your buck. Let us take working with many different organizations off your plate, and handle the creatives and placement that can be overly time-consuming.