We believe that a useful brand goes well beyond the logo. The impact of a quality brand identity lies in form, flexibility and function. Our goal is to communicate the values of an organization through the simplest possible visuals that bring ideas down to their essence. A brand is only as good as it’s applications which is why we pack the maximum amount of potential into our logos with a foundation of typography, color, shape, patterns, textures and photography. If you are looking for quality design that connects your audience with your organization through the power of branding, then look no further than Queen Bee Marketing.


What Makes A Quality Logo?

•      Rendered with an economy of line. Achieving the most impact from the simplest possible form.

•      A powerful mark works on multiple levels

•      Effective logos are packed with as much potential as possible

•      The best logos stand out as unique but are also relevant to their industry


What is the Difference Between A Brand and A Logo?

•      A logo being your identity is like a pair of shoes being your personal identity

•      Imagine if you only had one pair of shoes and they had to match everything you wore

•      A brand goes beyond a static symbol and must stick out and elicit a reaction

•      The value of a brand lies in the applications – Signage, Website Stationary, etc…


Effective Branding is the Skin Your Organization Lives In!

•      A good brand package comes with a solid foundation of type, color, shape, photography, patterns and texture

•      No amount of design can replace quality brand ambassadors.

•      Implementation of a brand is every bit as important as how it looks. The best design in the world will still fall short if nothing is done to cultivate it.