Before, During, and After an Event

It’s 2019 – social media is where it’s at. Do you have a fundraiser coming up? Are you hosting a banquet soon? No matter the event, social media is here to help YOU get the word out. If it’s a more personal type event, maybe you create a Facebook event to get the info out. If it’s more of a corporate, sponsor-type event, maybe you invest in ads (digital ads, Facebook ads, which correlate to Instagram as well). No matter the direction, the answer is SOCIAL MEDIA – but that’s not to say that other marketing material doesn’t work, because it does. 

Before your event:

Hype. It. Up. Reveal the highlight! Having anticipation about the event will get people excited and genuinely interested. Whether it’s a countdown to the event, a “sneak peek” of something, a riddle, anything of that sort, it WILL get people excited and eager to attend your event. Another way to get people interested is to do giveaways or an “early bird” exclusive price! 


During the event:

Have giveaways, prizes, or free “swag” to hand out. Invest in something engaging, such as a photobooth! People LOVE being able to be silly with their friends, especially if they get to have the photos afterwards. Go LIVE with your event. If there is ever an opportunity to go live (giveaway drawing, key speaker, etc.), do it. Going live will give the people that didn’t go, more of an interest to go next year, or engage more with the posts that do go out. Interacting with your audience is HUGE. If you do a live video or post photos, make sure you’re keeping up with the comments and questions that are being posted. This makes people feel important, and it lets them know that there is an actual face behind that social media account. 


After the event:

Post results. Whether that looks like a press release, a thank you note, a Facebook post in your group, whatever the case may be. If this is an ongoing event, let them know when the next event is! While the event is still fresh in the audience’s head, have information about the next event. Who, what, where, when, and why? People LOVE information. The more information, the better. Another thing you can do is ask for feedback. What did they like the most? What could be better? What would they like to see next time? 

Social media is a great way to advertise for events with using little to no money at all. If you’re wanting to reach more people, reach specific people, or any demographics then you would consider boosting a post or running an ad (different blog for a different time J). The next time you’re marketing an event, remember these tips and tricks to maximize the outcome! 

Macki Pankratz