How Does Your Business Rank?


It’s no secret that your business needs an online presence, and this article isn’t to convince you to beef up your online game, because you already know this! This might, however, help you navigate the vast digital landscape and help you decide what platforms you HAVE to be on and which you should strive for.


The first thing your business needs is a website. This is your digital office front. Here, with proper search engine optimization (SEO), people will find your company while looking for the products and services you sell. A website can single handedly put you on the map! On the other hand, if someone already knows your company and brand and goes to look you up, if they don’t find your website there is an immediate sense of distrust.


Just like websites, social media channels can provide your business with priceless SEO value. Not only can having multiple social channels help you show up several times on Google, but it can even help your website rank better against your competitors. Times have changed and with that search habits are changing. People now search for products, services and companies on social media, creating a need to have an account. Again, there is a sense of trust behind a business having that social presence. To go along with having consistent social profiles, your company should be posting professional content that is branded and engaging. Now, no one is suggesting you have to be on all social platforms, be strategic and consider the ones that your clients/customers are on. Be sure to begin with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.


Next, be sure you claim and update your business listings. Google takes in to account these listings and their consistencies when ranking who and what order businesses show up after a person’s search inquiry. This can take time to do but is extremely important to the future of your business, especially those who have lots of competition. The majority of search engines have free listings that you can claim and update, but there are some you may consider paying for. Many service-related businesses benefit from paying to be listed on search engines and websites that specialize in helping individuals find companies who provide the service they need.

The digital landscape changes every day and it is important your business stays on its toes. There are many more online channels that can help your business succeed, but who has the time to keep up with everything mentioned above AND more? One thing is for sure in this ever-changing digital world, it is no longer a question as to whether your business needs a website, social media and business listings; the question now is how much time can you invest into building your digital landscape?

Gavin Tate