Social Platforms & What should you share?


In today’s digital world, they’re many social platforms. At times, it can be overwhelming and downright difficult to navigate them. As cliché as it sounds, this is the new age of communication. But have no fear; we are getting ready to walk through three of the most popular social platforms and how they can be beneficial to your brand!

Think of Facebook as the social platform that puts a face to your business. Those mysterious mathematical algorithms become easier to hurdle when you are genuine with your content, and share your brand’s story with your audience. So, in order to be successful with marketing on Facebook, you should follow the 80/20 rule — 80 percent engaging posts, and 20 percent product post. That is, until those algorithms change again! Let’s face it, if you’re posting only products, your audience may consider them to be cluttering their newsfeed, and they may unfollow you — yikes!
The benefits of having a Facebook for your business are plenty. First of all, there are BILLONS of users on this platform, so brand exposure probably ranks number one. Other benefits include: reaching a targeted audience, building brand loyalty and awareness, increased traffic to your website and gathering more leads in your industry. 


The birdie icon for this platform is fitting because with Twitter, information flies in and then flies right back out. Not-to-Mention, tweeting, and birds... yeah — OK, moving on. Its fleeting nature makes it a great place to see what the conversation is — join in, and establish credibility in your particular field. Think of it as microblogging the thoughts or updates about your brand that are informative or entertaining. The ever-so popular hashtag is supported here as well. Hashtags are like a filing system, so people can find your conversation or your topic and join in! There are a wide variety of benefits that come from having a twitter for your business which include:  increased brand awareness, promoting your website, staying up-to-date with trends and receiving instant feedback from your target audience all in one place!


Instagram is like a visual, digital playground. To make a post here you must have “art” to post, not just words. Eye-catching photography, graphics and inspirational quotes live here along with a number of photo editing tools to make your content look amazing! It’s a good idea to beef-up your hashtag game on this platform as hashtags can be followed by your targeted audience. People can now search and follow hashtags they deem relevant to their lifestyle which means more exposure for your brand! Better connection with the customers, high engagement, building and expanding exposure for your brand, and targeted advertising options are all reasons why your business should have an Instagram.

There are vast ways to communicate these days, and with the social frontier changing rapidly, it’s essential for your business to keep up and be in the know. Creating and displaying content on the platforms should look a little different, but drive-home the same message.

Once you are familiar with how to display your businesses content on these social sites it’s important to remember these three rules:

  • Be organized with your content
  • Be consistent with your message
  • Be aware of the changing social media landscape
Loribeth ReynoldsComment